Tuesday, September 22, 2020

Blood Drive


Hello all,

Site: Fairhaven School
Address: 510 Elm Street, London, OH, 43140
Room Name: Gym
Date: Fri Oct 30, 2020
Time: 12:00 PM - 06:00 PM
Blood Program Leader Name: Susan Thompson
Blood Program Leader Phone Number: 7408527050
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Fairhaven School and the American Red Cross are hosting an upcoming blood drive.

Please join our lifesaving mission and schedule an appointment today!

Drive Details:

Please help us meet our goal!

The need for blood is constant and only volunteer donors can fulfill that need for patients in our community. Nationwide, someone needs a unit of blood every 2 to 3 seconds and most of us will need blood in our lifetime.

Thank you for supporting the American Red Cross blood program!

Download the Red Cross Blood Donor App on the App Store, Google Play or text BLOODAPP to 90999. Schedule appointments, view your blood type and results of your mini-physical, and track your donations.

American Red Cross Blood Services - 431 18th St. NW, Washington, DC, 20006

Monday, September 21, 2020

Behavioral Health Training

 Family ECHO:
Connect and Learn from
Behavioral Health Experts

What is Family ECHO?

Family ECHO uses ZOOM technology to connect families and caregivers with a team of experts to learn about and discuss topics such as improving and managing behaviors, self-care, anxiety, family supports and resources. This format allows you to learn from home.

Who can participate?

Parents and caregivers of children with developmental disabilities including autism.

How Family ECHO works:

Family ECHO meets virtually on a weekly basis to learn in real time from subject matter experts.

Participants have a chance to learn about topics related to children with developmental disabilities including autism. Participants will learn in real-time from subject matter experts and learn about best practices.

Family ECHO participants will:

• Register and participate in a 60-minute session using Zoom each week.

• Attend sessions on registered dates and times.

 • Learn from best practices subject matter experts about topics related to children with developmental disabilities, including autism.

• Engage in interactive discussion on session topic and case presentation.

• Complete survey at the end of sessions to give feedback.

Space is limited!
Register and learn more at NationwideChildrens.org/ECHO

Triple P-Positive Parenting Program


FREE Online Parenting Support!

Parenting is hard – especially as the Covid-19 pandemic has created so many changes in our lives. Let us help with free online parenting support through the Positive Parenting Program (Triple P). Triple P is for parents and caregivers (grandparents, other relatives, guardians, etc.) of children from birth through age 12. Learn how to get more of the behavior you like from your children and less of what you don’t.

Here’s What We Are Offering

Initial call to discuss behavior concerns and parenting support options

One-on-One parenting strategies and support- Up to 4 individual telephone sessions!

Online self-guided modules sharing parenting strategies with ongoing support from Triple P team

Zoom parent workshops on: (call for dates and times)

***Gift Cards Provided As a Thank You for Your Participation***

For More Information and to Register:

Call [ 740- 490-2020 ]


Email [ leldridge@actionforchildren.com ]

(Please include your phone number and best time to reach you)

Getting Back to Work Webinar


Attention: Providers, SSAs, Families, Job-Seekers

Getting Back to Work: Supporting Informed Decisions During the Pandemic

This webinar will be presented by OOD and DODD staff on October 21 from 9:30-11:30 AM. It is for anyone involved in supporting people with developmental disabilities to think about, and make informed decisions about, returning to work, looking for work, and/or developing the skills needed to work in the community.

Register Here

Visit dodd.ohio.gov

Ohio Department of Developmental Disabilities 

30 E. Broad St., Columbus, OH 43215

Free Grab and Go Senior Meals


LifeCare Alliance is bringing nutritious and delicious meals to London for a safe and healthy drive thru lunch!

Every Friday in September 10:30am-11:30pm at First Presbyterian Church 211 Garfield Ave, London,

Stay in Your Car,

 Lunch Will Be Passed to You All participants 60 years and over will get two meals to-go!


  • Everyone 60 years and over eligible for the meals
  • No RSVP required.
  • No income guidelines– all are welcome!
  • Masks required for service
  • No cost, but donations welcome
  • One time paperwork will need completed if you have not received services with LifeCare. Paperwork can be completed onsite, same day.
  •  If you get Meals-on-Wheels you can still get this lunch!

For more information, contact: Seth Van Valkenburg

● 614-437-2850

● svanvalkenburg@lifecarealliance.org

OhioMHAS Guide to Financial Literacy and Education Resources

Do you or anyone you know make bad financial decisions?

In July, OhioMHAS released a Guide to Financial Literacy and Education Resources in response to a request from Ohio’s behavioral health provider community. As Ohioans continue to feel the effects of the global coronavirus pandemic, the Department would like to take this opportunity to remind our partners of the availability of these resources. The document contains links to information, coaching sessions, and training on a variety of topics, including: budgeting, money management, financial planning, understanding benefits, credit counseling, debt reduction, and more.

Please share widely and encourage your colleagues to subscribe to OhioMHAS eNews on our website

Also, be sure to join us on FacebookTwitterYouTubeFlickr and LinkedIn!

Eric R. Wandersleben

Director of Media Relations & Outreach

Ohio Department of Mental Health

  and Addiction Services

30 East Broad Street, 36th Floor

Columbus, Ohio  43215



Thursday, September 10, 2020

Social Media Danger- Tik Tok


Dear educators, parents, and community members:

 It has come to our attention that there is a dangerous video circulating on social media, primarily via TikTok. The content, which shows a suicide, may initially be disguised as more innocuous content, meaning some of your students or children may unwittingly be exposed to it as they browse online. 

 It is our recommendation that teachers and parents do not bring the video to students’ attention, as it may encourage them to seek it out. Instead, limit or monitor social media access if possible. This is not a time to respect the privacy of the young person’s use of technology.

 If a student appears in distress or approaches you about having seen the video, here are some immediate steps you can take. Please note that every child will react differently when exposed to traumatic experiences. Follow-up with a mental health specialist is strongly recommended and urgent if any thoughts, words, or actions about self-harm or suicide are expressed. A caring adult talking about the problem of suicide with a young person does not increase risk of suicide. However, witnessing another person’s suicide on social media, in movies, or exposure to graphic details about a death by suicide can lead to contagion or copy-cat reenactment among children and young people.

1.      Acknowledge the gravity of the situation and the student’s feelings, from their perspective. For example, you could say, “That sounds terrible (e.g. upsetting, scary, confusing, etc. based on their reaction)” and “It’s important to talk to me or an adult you trust whenever you see or hear something on social media that is upsetting.”  

2.      Reassure them that they are safe here and now

3.      Ask the student if they would like to talk about how the video made them feel, either with you, your school counselor, or another trusted adult. Seeing a suicide or hearing graphic depictions of a suicide may trigger strong emotions, suicidal thoughts or self-harm behaviors, or concern about a loved one who may be suicidal.

4.      Share resources – such as the Suicide Prevention Lifeline (800-273-8255), TrevorLifeline (1-866-488-7386), or Crisis Text Line (text 4HOPE to 741-741) – and give the student time to explore those resources

5.      Do not dismiss or minimize the situation with comments like, “It’s just a video” or “Focus on something else.” This sends the message that you do not care and are unwilling to talk about it.

6.      Do not make promises like, “You’ll get through this” or answer questions for which you do not know the answer. If you do not know the answer to a question, be honest with the young person and reach out to someone who would know the answer. For instance, you could say: “That’s a great question. I don’t know the answer, but let’s ask someone who does…”

 For immediate mental health support contact:

The National Suicide Prevention Lifeline: 800-273-TALK (8255)

Crisis Text Line: Text 4HOPE to 741-741

TrevorLifeline: 1-866-488-7386

To explore additional resources, including suicide prevention information, visit: https://www.mhrb.org/find-help/

To locate a behavioral health care provider, visit: https://www.mhrb.org/providers/#results

To download MHRB’s 2020 Suicide Prevention Month Toolkit, visit:


 Resources for educators:

Responder Resilience Program: 937-727-4097

Clark, Greene, Madison Warmline: 937-662-9080

Resources for educators: https://www.mhrb.org/resources/#education

 Please do not hesitate to reach out to MHRB at 937-322-0648 should you need additional information or resources.


Kindest regards,


Dr. Greta H. Mayer, CEO

Blood Drive

  Hello all, Site: Fairhaven School Address: 510 Elm Street, London, OH, 43140 Room Name: Gym Date: Fri Oct 30, 2020 Time: 12:00 PM - 06:00 ...